2018-2019 Course Syllabi

OMSI has been amazing for OHSC!  15 years ago when we started arranging classes, we had around 20 choices.  This year I counted 208 hours of classes that we can create our wonderful science sequence.

Much thanks needs to be given to Sue and Craig for developing more Earth and Physics science courses for this year.  Kudos needs to be given to Sean and Katie for the development of additional Life Science curriculum for the past three years.  And Annie and Allison have created a phenomenal early childhood science education sequence.  The appreciation can’t stop there . . . Science Exploration was added last year, and teamed with the TEAMS program, we now have a separation of STEM classes and Family Science sequences.

It’s amazing what we have to offer.  OMSI has put a lot of energy (Thanks to Keith, Katie, and Will) into designing a curriculum that will grow from Kindergarten through 9th grade.   We no longer have the repeated units from one level to the next (Beginning to Intermediate, or Intermediate to Advanced.)

Each grade level will be offered as a repeat of the same curriculum, with the hopes that homeschooling families can scope out a sequence of curriculum over several years.  You might want to take a year off, or talk about how scientists repeat experiments by looking for similarities or working with variables.  With that, we will be able to finally divide the age groups one more time.

Here is the  OHSC Course Syllabi

This is a Preview Version of the 2018-2019 Schedule to allow families to make informed decisions when registering.

Discovery — Kindergarten
  • Astronomy — Mission to the Moon, Our Sky, Navigation by Stars, Wild Weather, Cardboard Rocket
  • Discovery Room Life Science — Edible Nutrition, Messy Paints, My Body, My Five Senses, Squid Dissection, Be a Naturalist, Bugs/Butterflies, Dirt on Worms, Pollinators
  • Physics–Physics of Sound, Bridges, Keva, Simple Machines, Physics Phenomena 1
Beginning Science — 1st/2nd grades
  • Earth — Fabulous Fossils, Made of Earth, Salmon Science, Solar System,  Astrogeology
  • Astronomy– Perfect Little Planet, Stars, Wild Weather, The Planets, Place in Space
  • Chemistry — Mix it Up (5 weeks)
  • Physics — Structures: Velcro Buildings, Keva Planks, Straw Bridges, Potato Chip Mailer, Submarine Tour
Intermediate Science 3rd/4th grade
  • Earth — Tools of Paleontology, Volcanoes, Made of Earth, Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes
  • Astronomy — 2 Pieces of Glass, Space and Back, Astrobiology, Lunar Exploration, PNW Skies, Our Place in Space, Starry Night Live, Secrets of the Sun
  • Life Science — (Year A) Microscopes: Optics and Lenses, Slide Exploration, Cells, Making Slides, Pond Water; (Year B) Animal Behavior, Metabolism, Stimulus and Response, Fitness
  • Physics — Electricity & Magnetism 1, Electricity & Magetism 2, Physics of Sound, Phenomena 2, Newton’s 3rd Law
Advanced Science 5th/6th
  • Astronomy — Navigation by stars, Exploring New Horizons, Black Holes, Infinity Express, Extreme Planets, Ice Worlds, Sun Struck, Your Galactic Address, Back to the Moon (Year A/B cycle)
  • Chemistry — Mix it UP (5 weeks)
  • Life Science — (Year A) Growing Microbes, DNA, Building Blocks, If the Genes Fit, Adaption Clip Birds; (Year B) Birds Can Fly, Squid Dissection, Cow Eye Dissection, Frog Dissection Part 1, Frog Dissection Part 2
  • Earth Science — Density, Go with the Flow, Climate and Carbon, Wind Power, Astrogeology, Sub Sonar Tour
Science Exploration (1/2/3rd)
  • Motion Commotion, Going Batty, Sub Tour, Nutrition Mission, Move Your Class,  Amazing Whales, Scales/Claws/Jaws, Where in the Worlds, Prehistoric Dinos, Weather 101, Portable Planet, Cowabunga Chemistry, Kiddie Chemistry, Rollercoaster, Downward Gravity,  Pit Crews, 3-2-1 Blast Off!, Float your Boat, Squid Dissection, Crime Lab, Portable Planetarium
Food Science — 5/6/7th
  • What is Food Science, Building Blocks of Food, Additives, Soil Science, Ecosystems, Plant Breeding, Microbiome: The Gut-Brain Axis, Fermentation, Healthy Choices, Entomophagy
TEAMS Engineering/Architecture — 3/4/5th
  • Fall Lego Engineering and Architecture,
  • Spring STEM Sequence–Funtastic Physics, Jolts/Volts/Wires, Rollercoaster, Downward Gravity, Pit Crews, 3-2-1 Blast Off, Float Your Boat, Identity, Crime Lab, Portable Planetarium/2 Pieces of Glass,
TEAMS Design Technology — 5th/6th/7th
  • Fall STEM Sequence–Sustainable Choices, Energy Options, 3-2-1 Blast Off!, Jitterbugs, Rollercoaster, Jolts/Volts/Wires, Radical Reactions, Nanotechnology, Identity, Portable Planetarium: 2 Pieces of Glass
  • Spring Design & Technology sequence
MS Challenge — 7/8/9th
  • Fall — Chemistry
  • Spring — Life Science
MS/HS STEM — 7/8/9th
  • Fall — Shoe Sole Design
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