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ohsc_logo_email_sig_1      Welcome to homeschooling at OMSI.

Becoming a member of the Oregon Homeschool Science Club (OHSC) opens up opportunities to participate in a wide variety of science activities as well as on-site classes.

  1.  Fill out OHSC OMSI Registration 2018-2019
    • Email forms to
    • or hand in to OHSC-OMSI coordinator on Tuesdays
  2. On-line payment invoice will be emailed to you.
    • OHSC registration fee $25 due with enrollment
    • Tuition is due August 1st.

OHSC OMSI Registration 2018-2019 pdf

Oregon Homeschool Science Club Robotics
Oregon Homeschool Science Club Robotics

Classes and Labs — Members may sign up for one or two classes for a term or the year.  Rolling enrollment by availability.

2018-2019 OMSI Science Assemblies — free for OHSC members

2018-2019 OMSI Science Films  — free from OHSC students




Throughout the year — Members have the opportunity to sign up for any of the special science events or extra classes posted through the email news.  On-going sign up.



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