2017-2018 Science Class Descriptions

ohsc_logo_email_sig_1What do Young Scientists do in the Oregon Homeschool Science Club?



Science Labs are private classes held around OMSI, taught by OMSI Science Educators, and assisted by Oregon Homeschool Science Parent Volunteers.  Classes are 18 students and cover a variety of topics as described below.    Courses do overlap grades so that parents have many choices based on their student’s ability.

The sequence design allows students to experience six branches of science throughout the grade levels; Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Earth, Astronomy, and STEM.  We include some repeat of classes between levels to develop depth in key skill and concept areas.

Science  is about repetition, searching for the variables, replication, and new discovery.  We hope you find a series of classes that support your homeschooling curriculum.

Science Classes

  • Discovery Science                Kindergarten/young 1st graders
  • Beginning Science               1st & 2nd grade
  • Intermediate Science        3rd & 4th grade
  • Advanced  Science              5th – 7th grade
  • Food Science                           5th – 7th grade
  • Designing Our World         5th – 7th grade
  • Science Exploration Beginning                               1st-3rd grade
  • Science Exploration Advanced                               4th-6th grade
  • Middle School Challenge Chemistry/Biology 7th – 9th grade
TEAMS (Technology.Engineering.Architecture.Math.Science)
  • TEAMS  Intermediate Engineering  3rd — 5th
  • TEAMS Advanced Design 5th — 7th
  • TEAMS Engineering & Design Combo 5-8th grade
  • High School Design Seminar 8th-10th grade
  • TAG Design Seminar 6-9th grade


OHSC program has  been designed to cover topics at an interest and ability level as well as match National Science Standards as much as possible, without compromising the passion and depth that homeschoolers like to cover topics.  OHSC classes are not designed to be a completely comprehensive science curriculum from Kindergarten through eight grade.  Families are encouraged to use these courses to compliment their homeschooling curriculum.

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