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ohsc_logo_email_sig_1      Welcome to homeschooling at OMSI.

Becoming a member of the Oregon Homeschool Science Club (OHSC) opens up opportunities to participate in a wide variety of science activities as well as on-site classes.

OHSC OMSI Registration 2017-2018

Opening and Closing term events– We begin each term with one of OMSI’s well known Science Assemblies and conclude the term with a featured film.  Reservations are open.

Oregon Homeschool Science Club Robotics
Oregon Homeschool Science Club Robotics

Classes and Labs — Members may sign up for one or two classes for a term or the year.  Rolling enrollment by availability.  OHSC Block Schedule 2016-2017  ohsc-block-scheduleOHSC Block Schedule

OMSI Science Assemblies — TBA

OMSI Science Films — TBA



OMSI -OHSC Outdoor School — Reservations are currently open. OHSC OMSI Outdoor School Registration 2017

Newport Discovery Center — October 4-6th, 2017.   Enjoy a homeschool family outdoor school experience at the coast.  Parents and scientists enjoy the beach, labs, activities, hikes, tours . . . and “camp” in the brand new cabins for the two nights.

FULL! — Hancock Field Station –– August 29-31st, 2017.  Three days of homeschool family outdoor school at the fossil beds.  Parents and scientists will hike, explore high dessert trails and fossil beds.

Throughout the year — Members have the opportunity to sign up for any of the special science events or extra classes posted through the email news.  On-going sign up.

To join:

  1.  Fill out the OHSC OMSI-2016-2017 Registration and read the OHSC Policies 2016.   Return with membership fee to the address on the bottom of the registration form.
  2. Register for classes:  Read through the descriptions located under upper right tab and select courses.  You may indicated on registration form or email requests to,
  3.  Register for Outdoor School: Read through descriptions Outdoor school info located on upper right tab.  Download OHSC OMSI Outdoor School Registration 2017, fill out, and send in registration form and fees.
  4. Sign up for our Email Announcements on lower side bar.
  5. Request password for private pages once your registration has been accepted.